Cornish sunshine and student laughter

When the weather in Cornwall is as nice has it has been today, and a few days lately, all the students come out of their hiding-spots and gather on the grass on campus. Most of the time I usually hang out with my flatmates or my “usual” group of friends, but sometimes it is nice to find some of my other Norwegian friends and have a nice catch-up.


Glasney Parc


2016 social gathering

Choosing universities was difficult, but when I learned how many Norwegians there were I turned them away. I did not choose to study in a different country just so I could hang around with fellow Scandinavians all the time, although some are nice and good to have. I was told there were not many here in Falmouth, but apparently 2015 was a very popular year for Norwegian students to study across the pond. Therefore, there is a few of us and the British tend to notice and comment how many we are, but compared to other universities we are actually not that many.

Today, me and three others stayed on the campus grass outside the library to relax in the sun. I am indeed not used to the warmth and sun so I forgot sunscreen and am now the lucky owner of a bright pink “sleeve”. Anyhow, when we were sat on the blanket talking and laughing, I wondered how we may sound like to others. I have been told it sometimes sound like Norwegians are singing when they talk as the tone in our voice changes more often than it does with British people for example. On the other hand, it is a bit freely to be able to talk about whatever, although our conversations mainly consisted of our excitement for the 17th of may which is our national day! There will be a video-blog about our celebration next week, so stay tuned!

I am very grateful to have met such nice people, and it makes me think how it would have been if I did not choose Falmouth. I would not have met any of these, and they were also a few of the ones I shared my excitement with last summer before we moved here! It sounds so long ago, but I feel like it could have been just a couple of months ago.

Nevertheless, I hope you have all had a nice and jolly day!






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  1. 😍 lucky you


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