Application Process

When I started my application for universities in England, I found student reviews very useful. It is always nice to know how other students find their university, how they like it or dislike it. I quickly found out it was hard to choose, especially since people seemed to have mixed feelings, which is only natural as we’re all different.


Me and my guide at University of Roehampton.

At first I only looked at universities that had literature degrees, of which is quite a few. Then I looked at where they were and how easy it would be for me to get there, as I can be a very anxious traveler. In the end I chose four that I found interesting:

  • University of Roehampton
  • University of Essex
  • University of Kent
  • Oxford Brookes University

I knew I was allowed to have five on my list, but couldn’t really decide. Then, as my student advisor had recently studied at Falmouth University and recommended it, I decided to put it as my last and fifth choice, despite the fact it was far from London.


If my accent does not blow my cover, this will.

To my own surprise I got accepted to all of the above, but Falmouth was the only university that wanted an interview over phone and an extra portfolio. Even though I did not think I would choose Falmouth at first, I liked how serious the process was with them.

Then, I visited Roehampton, Essex and Kent and was most intrigued by the latter. The view from the university’s grounds over Canterbury was beautiful! I also liked their accommodations and hospitality. I would have chosen Kent if it weren’t for the fact that I’d had a long talk with my former lecturer at the university I went to in Norway, where we figured out that journalism was a better choice for me than just literature. This decision ruled out about half of the universities I had applied to, which left me with Falmouth and Roehampton as I mentioned in my blogpost about my decision to study in England. Read it here.

“Open days” is a good opportunity to learn more about your favorite universities! I recommend it to anyone who is torn between their choices. It made my choice easier for sure, even though I did not choose any of the ones i visited.

  • How did you find the application process?
  • Where did you go/are you going to university?




4 thoughts on “Application Process

  1. I’m sure you won’t regret your choice 😀


  2. My granddaughter, Nikki, went through the process of choosing a college last year. (She graduates high school next month) she had many athletic scholarships offered. She went in person to check out each college, in lots of different states. It was quite an adventure. Good luck with your studies, snd have lots of fun along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She’s got much to look forward to! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I wish your granddaughter good luck as well, thank you for stopping by my blog!


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