How to: Be a tourist in Norway

There is no right or wrong in being a tourist in Norway, but sometimes a little guide can help you understand how the habits or social behaviour of a Norwegian is.

I think the most important thing to highlight here is that if you ever encounter a Norwegian who does not talk to you, greet you or even look at you, they are not trying to be rude. Believe me. As I pointed out in the last post, our politeness is quite different from British people’s for instance. We focus more on not bothering anyone with our presence, unless we have to. Thus, if we’re met by someone who actually do break this personal space that is created by silence, it is as if we have forgotten how to speak at all.

In addition, if you ever enter a bus in Norway, do not expect to be able to sit with your friends or family as no Norwegian will voluntarily sit beside someone they don’t know, unless they have to.


I think the only place Norwegians feel comfortable actually greeting and talking to each other must be on top of mountains. Do not expect to climb or hike a mountain without having someone say “Hi!” or complementing the weather. Or even just a simple complain about the weather as in Norway there is no reason not to be outside.

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.”

From we’re kids we’re told by all the grown-ups that there’s no such thing as bad weather, and as they try to convince us they are right, they get us covered in at least four layers of clothes.

Despite the usual silence between Norwegians, we are quite laid-back and easy to talk to. Compared to some countries we might be too casual?

Finally, here is a video that basically sums up the typical Norwegian man or woman, with a bit of exaggeration:

And also, I hope you like the accent in this video, it is very accurate.

  • Have you ever been in Norway? If so, do you agree with any of this?


/All illustrations are borrowed/





5 thoughts on “How to: Be a tourist in Norway

  1. 👍 😂

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  2. I enjoyed this post very much. It’s interesting to learn the quirks of different cultures.

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  3. I can definitely see the Norwegian culture here in Minnesota 🙂

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    • Really? I find it really interesting how immigration opens up for sharing of cultures’ norms and traits. Thank you!


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