Fjords & Mountains; I’m torn

Travelling obstacles, or beautiful scenery?

For Christmas I brought one of my best friends from University back to Norway. She is from Tuscon in Arizona, and it was really exciting to show her around as our nature is obviously quite different from the dessert. I also brought her with me for spring break, and that was when I finally realized how I have not really looked around and thought:

I am so lucky




To show her around we went hiking and road-tripping through two counties, Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og fjordane.  They are both on the westcoast and has so many beautiful places to go, including several mountain tops, Stadtlandet, my town (obviously), Flø, Runde and so on.


Ervika, Stadtlandet, Sogn og Fjordane

What I also realized is how difficult it can be to get anywhere in Norway, compared to England. Travelling in England do not take as much time, as everything is basically flat and straight forward (obviously I am not well-traveled in England so do not sue me for any of my opinions, thanks). In Norway, on the other hand, you always have to check and double-check ferry-times, as well as tunnels might be closed or roads blocked by snow.

Thing is, me, my friend and my mum was going to Ervika, and we kept getting as unlucky as you can get. Firstly, we missed our ferry because of an old lady in front of us who was driving fairly slow, dear of her. So we turned around to get another ferry instead of waiting for the next one, which would have taken an hour. This meant that we had to go through the deepest tunnel in the world (it goes under water between islands), and when we got to the other side there was people working on the road so we had to wait. I kept checking if we would be able to actually make it to the ferry, telling my mum how many minutes we were behind. Later on we got behind another slow car, and as we also got stuck behind a big truck, I was about to tell my mum and my friend how all we needed now was a tractor…

And guess what?

A few minutes later a bloody tractor got in front of us, with a big load of fertilizer on its trailer. So not only were we late, it also smelled pretty weird.

Finally the tractor left (the smell remained the whole trip), and we actually made it to the ferry by the last minute! Also, our luck turned around and we found out we were not behind schedule anymore.


Vestkapp, Norway

What I started thinking about was how annoying the fjords and mountains can be when it comes to travelling, but are they really more annoying than beautiful?


I mean, I will probably keep complaining about how long it takes and how I wish that tractors did not exist (or slow drivers/walkers), but they are so beautiful I did not even know what to do with myself as I stood on top of the mountain at Vestkapp and the view, the fresh air (and wind) just engulfed me. It was just one of those moments I wish I could turn into a bird and fly.

And also, they make my phone pictures look decent.


Pink sunset in my town, Ørsta, Norway

To top it all off, my beloved american friend screamed out in excitement “is that the northern lights?” when we were on our way home. She was jumping, crying and taking pictures and I have never in my life felt more Norwegian as I found myself sat in the car because I was cold. So instead of sharing that moment with my friend, I planned this blog-post as I realized how ungrateful I was.

It was amazingly beautiful though, and my heart just aches with happiness of the fact she got to see it. And as I told her and my mum, it was probably our reward for being patient on our trip the whole day.




4 thoughts on “Fjords & Mountains; I’m torn

  1. Greta trip 😀


  2. Or great… If autocorrect can behave….


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