How I got here

Why would you want do study in England, when it’s less expensive in Norway?

Let me tell you this: I am richer now than I have ever been.

Of course I do not mean this money-wise, but I am richer in experiences, memories, friends, knowledge and so on. That is what is important to me. Therefore, choosing between a cheaper education and a more expensive one was easy for me. The latter, studying in England, was an exciting decision I made in hopes of gaining new experiences in a different culture with a different language. I took this chance, this risk, because I needed to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone.


On my way to England!

It all started in 2012 when I happened to stumble upon a website that turned out to be the personal page of an organisation that helped students apply to University in England, I was immediately intrigued and ordered their magazine right away. I also told my parents about it, but knowing me… they did not really believe it would happen. I had 2 years left in upper-secondary and anything could change, and it did.

Someone stopped me. Fortunately, I understood it was not meant to be. You should never let anyone keep you from doing the things you have always wanted, the things you dream about or aspire to be. Thing is, you do not owe anyone anything, you are suppose to do what you want for you. Those who really care about you will support you.

So, I contacted the organisation again, got my own student advisor and started discussing what I would want to study. But, as I did not know what to study and eventually do with my life, I decided to at least do something that would help me nevertheless. I was also not ready to leave Norway, I was not in the best phase of my life.

I did a one year unit in English at a University in Sogn og Fjordane, it was three hours away from my home. It was perfect. It was the best decision I could have made at the time. Not only did I experience how it was being a student in Norway, I also learnt more about myself, my confidence grew in different ways and for the first time I actually felt ready to leave Norway. After almost two years I contacted my student advisor again, and as she guided me through my application I realized I was finally doing what I had always wanted to do, but never really dared to go through with.

Suddenly, I had sent my application to the Universities I found interesting in England. It all went by so quick, and suddenly I started getting acceptance emails, it was the most exciting time of my life.

In the end, I chose Falmouth University. I had visited


The use of the “æ” vowel says it all. Quite excited.

the other Universities that had given me an offer, but no one really appealed to me. I also changed my mind on what to study, which meant I only had two to choose between; Roehampton and Falmouth.

I realized the “London life” was not for me, so suddenly the choice was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I therefore accepted my offer at Falmouth.

Over summer I talked to many students online, both international and british. It was such an exciting and amazing time, but I was also starting to get really nervous about it all. Fortunately, I found another girl from Norway who was going to Falmouth, her name was Namitha, and it turned out she lived quite close to me. We talked the entire summer and counted down each day as they went by.

Choosing Falmouth over living in London was easy, who would not want to live by the sea? Also, the weather is quite nice down here, even though it is a bit windy. Somehow I felt Falmouth reminded me of a nice Norwegian scenery too, with its hills and beautiful nature.

I was in love.

I still am.

I do not regret my decision of going abroad, and if I could go back I would do it again.




3 thoughts on “How I got here

  1. Love it 😀


  2. […] Then, I visited Roehampton, Essex and Kent and was most intrigued by the latter. The view from the university’s grounds over Canterbury was beautiful! I also liked their accommodations and hospitality. I would have chosen Kent if it weren’t for the fact that I’d had a long talk with my former lecturer at the university I went to in Norway, where we found out that journalism was a better choice for me than just literature. This decision ruled out about half of the universities I had applied to, which left me with Falmouth and Roehampton as I mentioned in my blogpost about my decision to study in England. Read it here. […]


  3. […] second year of experiencing the student life at university, as I had a year in Norway too. (Read: how I got here). In these two years I have learnt and seen so much, experienced things I never thought I would, […]


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