Where I am from

Ørsta // Møre og Romsdal // Norway

Somewhere in the midst of Norway you’re able to find a small, but beautiful town, called Ørsta. This is where I am from.


/Borrowed Picture/

There is about 10,000 people in my town, and most of us already know each other, or someone’s brother/sister/parents.

Ørsta is bigger than what the picture shows, as it only show the “centre” part of it. There are smaller places in Ørsta that have different names, and the dialect tend to differ as to where you live, but only a little bit.

Oh, and for all of you non-Norwegians, the first letter in Ørsta is pronounced almost like how you say the vowel in the word bird or in hurt. Thing is, if you did not know, that our alphabet is longer than yours. We have got three extra letters, which are Æ, Ø and Å. If you are interested in hearing it pronounced, check out the video below from 0:38. The video is from a comedy show called “Kollektivet”, some of you might find it rude or stupid, just a warning.

Also, as you could see in the picture, my town has got lovely mountains and a fjordThe scenery must be what we are the most proud of, besides our country-band of course, as well as Ørsta is the home of a famous writer who created our new-Norwegian in written form. I will write a post about it later on, so if you are interested in learning more about it, both the band and the writer, stay tuned!

Home / Heim

I moved to Ørsta when I was about four years old, with my big sister, little brother, my mum and dad. The house originally belonged to my great grandmother, but she had to move to a caring-home as she could not live by herself, so my dad wanted to restore the house. We have lived there since, which has been nice, even though it is quite far up; which means there has been a lot of complaints about having to walk home from school. Sorry mum.

Mum / Mamma
Dad / Pappa



/A view from the balcony of my house/


I think I liked the idea of living in Penryn and Falmouth because they aren’t too big either of them, which is what I am used to and prefer. Don’t get me wrong, I like big cities too, but there’s something about the charm of the country-side/smaller towns. I guess it is more relaxing and comfortable.

I love Ørsta, I really do.


Love / Elsker




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  1. I liked your post when reading it, but I finally got round to watching the video. It’s hysterical!

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