Cheese slicer

The Cheese Slicer: Norwegian invention, produced since the 1920s. Invented due to the irritation of cutting cheese with a knife.



Believe it or not, this object has shown its importance among the few belongings I brought from Norway – it is my best friend (if you look past the friends that I have who is actually human).

Why, do you ask?

As a student you quickly realize that the creativity you possess has increased, this is necessary as your life pretty much depends on cheap choices when it comes to pretty much everything. The sad truth about being a student is exactly this; the tiny amount of money you’ve got is supposed to last you through thick and thin (even those times where you just really feel like treating yourself something). Therefore, I figured that this cheese slicer is a super multi-tool! I can serve cake, pie, pizza and lasagna for example, it also works brilliantly when you’re cutting cucumber, as well as it is a super spatula! Of course, slicing cheese works like a dream.

Ostehøvel / Cheese Slicer

I do not regret bringing mine, and I am a 100% certain I use it every single day. On the other hand, it is actually super sad how this is not a thing in Britain as I continue seeing loads of sandwiches that has super thick slices of cheese in it. Don’t get me wrong, if that is what people like I don’t mind. Also, my “student brain” wants the cheese to last as long as possible – thinner slices helps.

I just can’t live without it.





One thought on “Cheese slicer

  1. Monica Stave

    Like you said. .. Can’t live without it 😊 👌 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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