Hei, Hallo!

“How do you say Hello in Norwegian?”


“Oh, right”

This happens like every once in a while, also happened today actually… I do understand why people keep asking, like what if we actually said something really cool, or weird?

“How do you say Hello in Norwegian?”


“Oh… right.”

I guess no one really think about it when they ask, I mean, it is probably the easiest question to ask, and also the first thing that pops into your mind. I would’ve been surprised if someone suddenly asked about something more “complicated” like… “How do you say that you want sweetcorn on your pizza in Norwegian?” I would have laughed, but on the other hand, sweetcorn is a must on pizza so of course I would have told you how to ask for it.


Sometimes I wish we said Hello in a cooler way, but maybe I should just start using “Heisann”, which is basically like saying “Heyo”. And then I can make it even more complicated and say “Heisann sveisann”, it would be like.. Heyo..Mayo?

Anyways, this is my first post, to get something out on this blog. I hope you’ll continue reading and commenting!

And until next time, you should all try sweetcorn on pizza (if you haven’t already, and if you have… put more on).



3 thoughts on “Hei, Hallo!

  1. Hi 😀 Hei 😀


  2. hei på deg


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